VERTEX Coaching Logo

Dan came looking for a logo to be designed for his freshly launched coaching company, Vertex Coaching. Dan had initially spoken to several different designers but wasn’t captured by any of the initial ideas that they came up with for his brand.

After talking with Dan, it was clear that he wanted two things from his logo, it had to be clean and it had to be green.


  • Branding
  • Logo Design

Project Outcome

Easy Transition

After research and development took place for the logo, Dan was quick to select one of several logo ideas generated and was exceptionally pleased with the outcome. Citing that it was exactly what he had imagined and that he couldn’t wait to have it printed on gym clothing and begin pushing his brand.

Amazing Results

Since launching his coaching business and brand, Vertex have been complimented on their logo and how clean and minimalist it is, whilst still looking professional. Official Strongman Games competitor and World’s Strongest Man coach Shane Jerman has been seen wearing the Vertex brand on global platforms.

“When I started my brand I was fully aware that the logo was going to be a powerful tool in the launch. After discussing ideas with a few designers, it was Dec’s friendly and professional approach that made him stand out against the rest.

I gave him a loose outline of what I was after, and the colour scheme I wanted and he came back with enough options to give me choice but not so many I was overwhelmed.

To this day 18 months later as my company has grown I still get comments now on my branding being one of the best, and I cannot recommend Dec enough.”

Dan CharlsonHead Coach, Vertex Coaching